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Cattery Accommodation

The new cattery has been designed with your catís comfort in mind. Cats are housed in individual, spacious, temperature controlled pens, fully centrally heated, double glazed and with heat pads!


Our cattery is a safe distance from our kennels.



Central Heated

Countryside Views

Double Glazed

Own Windows (Open For Fresh Air)

All Diets Catered For

Fish Tank Entertainment

CCTV Security




All pens have scenic views overlooking the local countryside, with access to fresh air.


Each has a windowsill for your cat to sit on. Solid and double-glazed walls separate pens from each other so cats can both sit and watch other cats, or if a little shy, they can sit in private whilst still being able to enjoy the scenic view.


A fleece is provided for bedding along with scratch posts and toys to keep your cat occupied.


We do recommend you bring your catís own bed and a favourite old jumper to help your cat settle into the cattery.


PawCoxmoor Cattery NottinghamCattery Entertainment

Toys and scratch posts are provided for your cat, and there are even fish tanks for evening entertainment!!!!


PawCattery Food

We provide good quality food; just let us know which brand your cat prefers.


We can accommodate special diets, with our feeding routines adapted to suit your catís needs and special dietary requirements.


PawCattery Bookings

It is advisable to make your bookings as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 


For more information on our Nottingham dog kennels,

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